JungleDocs Word Add-in

JungleDocs Word Add-in helps you simplify tasks that usually require you to visit a SharePoint List or Library to generate or update documents, manage and maintain Small Parts or Image assets.

Word Add-in deployment

The JungleDocs 365 Word add-in is not yet available in the official Microsoft store. Please follow the instructions below to deploy it.

1. Download the JungleDocs word Add-in manifest file.

2. Unzip the manifest file.

3. Follow the instructions for deployment from this article. We suggest deploying the add-in only to a few people within the organization that would be testing and using it.

4. Once you deploy the Add-in, you can add it in Word by going to the Insert tab, and clicking Get Add-ins.

5. Navigate to the Admin Managed tab add click on the JungleDocs Word Add-in. If it is not available, hit the refresh button.

JungleDocs Word Add-in set-up

1. Navigate to JungleDocs main app in SharePoint and go to Settings > Word Addin.

2. Enable the Word Add-in.

3. Click the Add new location button and specify the list URL and Type.


When you select the type "Rule", you will be able to execute all of the configured JungleDocs rules from that List or Library.
When you select the type "Document asset" you will be able to Insert documents from this library to the current document, create new documents or update existing ones from Word. This type is recommended for managing and maintaining Small Parts.
The "image asset" type is similar to "Document asset" type but is instead for managing and maintaining images.
If the Personal checkbox is checked, the added location in Word will only be visible to you.

4. Open Word and open the JungleDocs Word Add-in.

5. Enter the URL of the SharePoint site where the JungleDocs add-in was enabled and Sign In.

6. After signing in, you will be able to execute JungleDocs rules from the authorized lists or libraries, manage document or image assets.

JungleDocs Word Add-in Features

Inserting Small Parts into the current document

Small Parts became more flexible, you can insert them directly in Word on your cursor location. Speed up your document creation process by building it directly in Word from Small Parts.

Creating Small Parts from Word

Select part of the document you want to save as a Small Part file, click Save part, and give it a name. It will save the content to your selected folder quickly and efficiently, creating Small Part documents from Word.

Update Small Part Documents from Word

Select the part of the document that will overwrite an existing Small Part and click the Update file button. Next time you insert that Small Part, it will be updated.

Generate documents & reports using JungleDocs rules

Define the lists/libraries that are available to execute JungleDocs rules from and create documents and reports in Word. When saving the documents to SharePoint, define and automate document metadata.

Sync metadata back to SharePoint

Make changes to item/document metadata inside the document and update them back to SharePoint without closing the current document. You can update all items that were changed, or items from a selected part of the document.

Add, Edit or Delete items in SharePoint from Word

Create, Edit, or Delete SharePoint items directly from Word by selecting a placeholder, and JungleDocs 365 Word add-in will do the rest.

Create personal or public assets for frequently used content.

Create assets in the form of images and quickly insert them into your document. This is useful for inserting company logos or other frequently used content. Asset libraries can be available to everyone or made private.

Remove Placeholders

Removing placeholders should be done before delivering the document to others or if you have made all the changes to a certain part of the content and do not want them to be processed or updated again.

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