Document naming automation

Applies to JungleDocs for Office 365.
For a similar tutorial for JungleDocs for SharePoint 2010-2019, click here.

With JungleDocs for Office 365, you can easily automate the naming of your documents. Besides saving time, this feature makes it easy to create and follow file naming conventions that increase document findability and overall productivity across your SharePoint environment.

How naming automation works

1. Select or start creating any rule in JungleDocs for Edit an existing rule or edit one during its creation.

1. Scroll down to the Automation > File naming section.

2. In the File naming section, select:

  • Before save to see the naming immediately in the preview step. This option generates the name before you can edit/fill generated document’s properties.
  • After save if you need to include some field values from the generated document into the file name.

3. Now add the elements you want to be included in the file name. Read more about using formulas here.

4. Check that you have entered all the elements you want to be included in your future file titles, finish your rule and save.


In this example case, we want to automate the file naming for contracts.

1. Navigate to the rule for creating contracts.

2. Scroll down to the file naming section.

3. Now let's say this organisation sells three services: food delivery, drinks delivery

and car rental. The requirements for contract names are that they contain:

  • the year the contract was created
  • the name of the company the contract applies to
  • the name of the service that the contract covers
  • the number of the contract

To achieve this we will first add a Date column. After that we will add a Field value column, we will set this to Company Title. Now we will add another Field value column, which we will set to Labels.

4. To make sure that the contracts are numbered correctly we add a sequence with a dependency. For this dependency we select Labels. By doing this we make sure that JungleDocs will query its database to find a current number of a specific label, and will then create the next one in the sequence.

5. Select Global if you want JungleDocs for Office 365 to take into account all documents with this label on all your sites and libraries. Select Just for this site and library, if you want it to just set the dependency locally.

6. By running the rule to create a contract with Contoso about food delivery, the automated file name would now be 2017-Contoso-FoodDlv-001.

Learn more

Find more examples and file naming convention best practices in our blog post.

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