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Applies to JungleDocs for Office 365.
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What if some of your metadata changed? Instead of going through the document and manually changing the values, you can use JungleDocs for Office 365 to update your document content automatically according to the changes you made to the metadata.

Update in document options

1. Edit the metadata of the selected document.

2. In the document options, select Update Document Content.

Note: it is only possible to update one document at a time. If you select multiple documents, the Update Document Content option will not be available.

Update in Modern UI

1.Edit the metadata of the selected document(s).

2. Select the document(s), then select JungleDocs 365 from the ribbon.

3. On the Update tab, select Update document content.

Note: you can update multiple documents at once using Modern UI.


One of our clients decided to increase their order, and, instead of two licenses, decided to order three.

Firstly, we update the Units column of our invoice.

After, we can either update it in the document options or in Modern UI following the steps described above.

The original invoice:

The updated invoice:

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