Installing Modern UI add-in

Applies to JungleDocs for Office 365.
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Modern UI is a SharePoint Framework add-in that enables access to the main features JungleDocs for Office 365 without leaving your SharePoint list or library. Furthermore, Modern UI provides several additional features that are not available in the main app (e.g., document merging). So far, AppSource doesn’t support the installation of SharePoint Framework add-ins. Therefore, you need to install Modern UI manually.

Before you begin

You have to be a SharePoint administrator to complete the installation. If you don’t see some menus from the instruction below, most likely you are not a SharePoint administrator. Please contact your administrator to assist with the installation.

To install Modern UI

1. Download and extract the add-in installation file.

Modern UI

2. Upload the extracted .sppkg file to the App Catalog. Note that you must create the App Catalog before you can upload custom apps to it.

3. In the pop-up dialogue, check the Make this solution available to all sites in the organization box if you want to install the application to all of your sites at once. If you leave this box unchecked, you will need to manually add the application to each site.


Modern UI access to a site collection is granted through the main app (JungleDocs for Office 365). It means that Modern UI will only work if it is installed on the same site collection as the main app. Therefore, if you have multiple site collections, we recommend deploying Modern UI add-in with "Make this solution available to all sites in the organization" option checked. As a result, once you add the main app to a site collection, Modern UI will be deployed to all sites automatically.

4. Click Deploy.

5. Test the application: open any list or library where you are using JungleDocs for Office 365 and look for the JungleDocs 365 button in the modern list menu. After clicking on it, the Modern UI sidebar should appear.

Note: Modern UI is only compatible with SharePoint modern experience (i.e., classic view is not supported).

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