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Applies to JungleDocs for Office 365.
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Content types are not specific to JungleDocs. However, you can use content types in JungleDocs to create documents faster. Content types can help you speed up your document creation process when you are building or managing a large database.

If you need several different documents to be created in the same library, you should create a new content type for each document type. Content types have their specific columns to store document-specific data. Content types can be nested for easier management because they inherit their columns from parent content types.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create content types.

To create a content type

In order to add content types to a library, you must first create site content types. Learn more about content type basics and best practices in our blog post.

1. Go to  Settings > Site Settings. Then, under Web Designer Galleries, click Site content types.

2. To add a new content type, click Create.

3. Enter all of the required information and click OK.

Select Document as Parent Content Type if you want SharePoint to automatically assign a Word document as a template for this content type. You can either edit that template from JungleDocs or upload a predefined document as a template.

4. After creating the content type, add all of the required columns, whether by choosing from the existing columns or by creating new ones.

5. After you add all of the required columns, you can upload a new document to be this content type’s template or choose a document from your SharePoint. To do that, click Advanced settings.

Here, you can simply enter the URL of the required template.

Note: we recommend uploading all of your templates into a single library (read why). 

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