Using Global rules

Applies to JungleDocs for Office 365.
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In JungleDocs for Office 365 tutorial, you will learn:

  • What Global rules are
  • How to create Global rules
  • How to use Global rules to create documents
  • Best practices for using Global rules

What is a Global rule?

Global rules are central versions of New & From Existing rules and Report rules in JungleDocs for Office 365. This means that they are not bound to the site/library they were created on, but can be used throughout your entire organization and by anyone within your organization. However, you can set conditions for a Global rule so it will only be accessible on certain sites and by certain users.

An example of a Global rule would be a Reports rule: Create proposal that is accessible on multiple sites and by more than one user.

Things to know about Global rules:
  • Global rules are not limited to a certain site or library
  • You can set conditions for where they are available
  • You can set conditions for who can access them
  • You can turn any New & From Existing rule and Reports rule into a Global rule
  • If you have a lot of sites, lists and libraries in your organizations , consider creating a site exclusively for your Global rules (scroll down the Best practices section for more info)

How to create a Global rule?

1. Select and edit an existing rule or create a new one.

2. In the rule settings window, scroll down and select Save as global rule.

3. This will prompt a new window to open in which you will be able to set where and to whom this Global rule will be available. You can select titles, collections and types but also templates and URLs.

4. Click Save. Your Global rule is now ready to use.

How to run a Global rule?

1. Navigate to the library or site where you want to use your Global rule (make sure that you made this rule available here).

2. Run JungleDocs for Office 365 from the ribbon and click on the rule.

3. Depending on the rule type, the app will lead you through further steps.

Best practices


Best practice: create a separate and empty site mirroring the structure of your project (client, project, case) and store your global rules. The benefits of using separate empty site as a basement for your global rules:

  • You do not have to worry about a Global rule disappearing if it was stored on a certain library which then gets deleted because the project was completed.
  • All your Global rules are conveniently located in one central location.
  • You can set permissions for this site so that only certain users can edit or add Global rules.


Best practice: we recommend that you assign Global rules on a Site per client, project, case or any other organisational segment valid for your organisation .

Reason: using a structure like this, you can be sure that documents are easy to locate.

Managing Global rules

Best practice: you can easily manage all of your global rules by clicking on the Settings wheel in the JungleDocs UI and clicking Global Rules.

This will prompt a window to open in which you get a quick overview of all of your Global rules. You can also edit them or delete them from here.

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