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Applies to JungleDocs for Office 365.
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In this JungleDocs for Office 365 tutorial, you will learn how to create permission roles and how to assign them, in addition to app licenses, to users. This can be a useful feature if you want some people to be able to modify app settings and rules, and others only to be able to use the app to create documents.

1. Create permission roles


To see and modify the following settings, you must have the Administrator permission role (or a custom role with equivalent permissions).

In order to grant or limit user access to the JungleDocs for Office 365 app, first, you will need to create permission roles. Then, you will be able to assign specific roles to users.

1. Open JungleDocs for Office 365.

2. Click Settings > Permission Roles.

3. Add a new role or edit an existing one.

4. In the role configuration window, specify the permissions for this role regarding rules, Global rules and administration.

2. Assign permission roles and licenses

In order to grant or limit user access to the JungleDocs for Office 365 app, and to assign licenses, you will need to assign permission roles to specific users or user groups.

1. Open JungleDocs for Office 365.

2. Now Settings > Manage Users.

2. In the Default permission role drop-down menu, select a role that will be automatically given to new users.

3. Switch the Assign licenses automatically toggle to Yes to automatically assign a JungleDocs for Office 365 license to a new user. To assign licenses manually, switch the toggle to No

3. Select Add new users to assign new users to the default permission role, Edit to change the role for the selected user, or Delete to remove the permissions for the selected user.

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